What Is An "Easy to Hang" Window?
There are two approaches to getting a stained glass window for your home or office: you can either have a window installed permanently, in which case it becomes a fixture; or, you can purchase a stained glass window which will hang in front of the existing clear glass.
We make stained glass to easily hang in front of existing clear glass windows. Each window we create can be hung in a matter of minutes, using fishline or picture wire (we include instructions), and, because they are not a fixture, you can conveniently take the window if you move. This approach also makes it very simple to clean the existing clear glass window.
Window Hanging Hooks
Some people will even move the hanging stained glass to different locations in their home at various times of the year, to get the best effect as the light changes. So, a hanging stained glass window allows for a lot of flexibility, plus the cost is considerably less than a permanently installed window.
In addition to the beauty of genuine stained glass, a hanging window will provide some additional privacy and will help prevent birds from hitting your clear glass.
We have original handmade stained glass selections in a variety of sizes & colors ~ if you would like a special color to complement your decor, we can send glass samples for your approval (prior to placing your order). We guarantee safe window delivery to the continental USA!
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