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Stained Glass Window Art Since 1975,
Selling on the WWW Since 1996!

Beautiful handmade contemporary hanging windows
by the Contois Reynolds Stained Glass Magic Studio
of Spokane, Washington and Hamlin, West Virginia

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PRIVACY POLICY & GUARANTEE:  Available [here] for your review.

ALL ITEMS AVAILABLE IN VARIETY OF COLORS:  We want our windows to complement your decor in every way, so we offer a [variety of colors] for each design. If you are considering a window purchase but are not sure about the glass colors, you can request small samples ~ please click [HERE] to let us know.

SHIPPING:  We ship nationwide and carefully pack every order to guarantee safe delivery. The cost of shipping depends on the size of each window ~ click for [Shipping Information]. If you have any questions, please . Please Note: We only ship our windows to the continental USA ~ we're sorry to say the cost of shipping internationally is simply too high. Contemporary Stained Glass Window

SECURE ORDERING:  Our online shopping cart is 100% guaranteed secure. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and Discover at our secure online server, or if you prefer you can call us at the phone number above with your credit card info. In addition to the secure cart, we also accept payment via PayPal. Go to our... [Order Page]

ALSO...  Many of our pieces are available at  [ ETSY ]

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED:  If you are not happy with your order, please let us know. We will make every effort to replace it, or will refund your purchase price upon its safe return to our studio. If any item in your order is damaged in transit, we will arrange for a pickup and upon its return will replace it at no additional charge to you.

READY TO HANG:  Your window arrives ready to hang, with simple instructions for hanging it in the most secure manner.

ORIGINAL ART:  All our work is originally designed and handmade by the Contois Reynolds Studio, and is signed by the artists prior to shipping.

ALL ORDERS ARE PROMPTLY FILLED:  Even though all of our work is originally handmade, under most circumstances it should not take any more than about 21 to 24 days before it is shipped... if for any reason it will be longer than that, we'll be certain to let you know. We do not deposit a credit card payment until work actually begins on your order.

Please feel welcome to [Contact Us] if you have any questions about the colors ~ if requested we can send you small glass samples to help in the selection. Steve cutting stained glass

SPECIAL REQUESTS:  Every design we sell is handmade by our studio, so if you have a special color request, just let us know and if we can make it for you like that, we will. Please note however ~ in most cases we cannot change the sizes of our windows.

REGARDING CUSTOM COMMISSIONS:  At this point we only sell windows based on the designs that you can view at this website, and therefore rarely take any custom work. We are of course happy to provide custom color combinations for any window which we display here at SGAW ~ let us know if you want something special.  Ocassionally, under some limited circumstances, we may be able to slightly increase or reduce the window size (but only slightly!).

GIFT SHIPPING AVAILABLE:  If you need a gift for a friend or loved one, we are happy to send it directly to them, with an enclosed short message of your wording.

SAFE DELIVERY:  All orders are very carefully packed for safe transit. In the event of accidental damage by the carrier, we will arrange for a pickup and will replace the selection at no additional charge to you.


  • Your credit card number is sent via encrpytion to a totally secure server ~ it is 100% safe & secure.

  • We never sell, trade, or give away any email addresses or contact information to anyone, for any reason.

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS??:  If you did not find the answer here, please [Contact Us]  directly.

"Elegance in Original Stained Glass Window Art Since 1975"

All designs © Contois Reynolds ~ Worldwide rights reserved.

No reproduction allowed without expressed written permission.
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