"Stained glass rectangular window panel ... easy-to-hang in your home or office"
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Originally Designed Window Art
by Contois Reynolds Stained Glass

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Stained Glass Window ~ Rectangular Star
Rectangular Star Stained Glass Window

~ Same window design with different gold & mauve color combination ~
Rectangular Star Stained Glass Window

~ Same window design with shades of blue ~
Rectangular Star Stained Glass Window

Please [CONTACT US] to purchase and
to discuss your own color combination

  • $310
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  • 24" x 15"
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  • Genuine top quality stained glass
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  • Available in different color combinations with:
      Mauve, Cobalt Blue, Steel Blue, Teal, Gold, All Clears
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  • Can be hung horizontally or vertically (will be horizontal unless you indicate vertical). See an [example]
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  • Imported faceted clear crystals
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  • Arrives ready to hang
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  • Window is in rigid brass frame
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  • Satisfaction guaranteed
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All artwork and design copyright by Contois Reynolds.
Reproductions strictly prohibited. Worldwide rights reserved.

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